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“You are awesome! All of the cleaners have done an amazing job! It makes such a difference to walk into a clean home each week!”

Kelly J. Farrow
(House Wife)
A Range Cooker

Our Oven Cleaning Crew can take care of many repair tasks to your cooker's, hoods Microwaves and much much more, creating a better cleaner kitchen environment.

Is your cooker burning all the food or simply just not heating up? Do you need an experienced engineer to take a look and fix it? Then contact OvenKlean for your oven repair. We have been fixing cookers for many years and all our work is protected by a one year guarantee, showing the confidence in our oven repair expertise.

If your oven breaks down, its not always easy to find somewhere to rely on, especially if it is not under warranty. For most faults, having your oven repaired is alot more economical than replacing it, and alot less hassle is involved.

Our service has been designed completely with you in mind and that is why we have created our no fix, no fee promise. That’s right, if we can’t fix your appliance, although we do successfully repair the majority, then you pay us nothing (terms and conditions apply).


We can provide the following repairs for you & at a low cost.

  • Oven Bulbs
  • New Oven Elements
  • New Oven Seals
  • Knobs and Dials
  • Cooker Hood Filters
  • Rings
  • And More
A Single Clean Oven

Regular Cleaning Benefits

Without doubt Oven cleaning is probably one of the most hated and time consuming cleaning tasks in the house. There are not many of us that want to spend our free time inhaling oven cleaning fumes and getting our hands greasy and dirty. If you use your oven daily you will already know that it needs cleaning on a regular basis.

Improving Food Quality
Cooking food in dirty ovens decreases the quality of your food because the heat is not distributed evenly and there are old grease and food spilling's evaporating into the same atmosphere as your cooking. Food cooked in clean oven will taste exactly the way it should (no fish smell with your chicken).

Reduced Energy Bills
Believe it or not, ovens that are cleaned regularly are more energy efficient than a dirty one. When an oven is deep cleaned it reaches the desired temperature a lot quicker, so therefore uses a lot less energy. Clean ovens will distribute heat in a much better and more efficient way, compared to a dirty oven. As the oven heat is distributed evenly from the oven being clean, your food will also be cooked more evenly too.

It Saves Your Time
Cleaning your oven thoroughly is not a 10 minute job, more likely it will take you all afternoon. You could be spending this time with family or relaxing. Hiring OvenKlean will free up your time.

No Bad Smells and Smoke
Dirty ovens are filled with grease and carbonised grease, as well as being a fire hazard and not performing very efficiently, they will produce smoke and smell awful. The smell from a dirty oven can linger for hours, even days, not to mention the smoke often sets off the fire alarm.

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