How we Service and Clean your Hob

The "Oven Klean" Hob Cleaning Process

Step 1 We have a visual and physical inspection of the hob, looking for any irregularities and to ensure all components are working and there is no damage. At this point we protect the floor and surrounding area.

Step 2 All of the component parts are now removed. Once the hob has been stripped the hob is switched on so as to get warm.

Step 3 All component parts are placed in our heated tank solution. These will begin to boil in a soap based solution.

Step 4 Now the hob is warm we begin to scrape all the carbon off the plates.

Step 5 We then use our unique solution to deep cleanse the hob.

Step 6 Once the deep cleanse solution has worked its magic, we wipe through all residue and ensure all dirt and grease has been removed.

Step 7 We then wash down the hob.

Step 8 Return to the tank in back of the van to finish cleaning the components and any other parts that were left to soak.

Step 9 Check all the component parts to look for any remaining dirt.

Step 10 All components are now replaced on the hob.

Step 14 With the hob now being completely clean of all grease and carbon and actually gleaming. We polish and shine everything.

Step 15 The "Oven Klean" cleaning process is now completed and we tidy up any mess and leave your kitchen the it was found but with a nice new gleaming hob.